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Would you like a Father & Bride Dance?
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Please give us details on any other 'Formal Dedication Dances' you would like to have with close family or friends.
Would you like a Bridal Party Dance?
Would you like your guests to join in during the middle of the song?
Would you like to honor other Married Couples with an 'Anniversary Dance?'
The Anniversary Dance is a great way to honor those who have been married for many years. We know who’s been married the shortest, now; let’s find out who has been married the longest.
$ Dollar Dance $ ?
The Dollar Dance gives everyone a chance to dance with the honored couple. All the guests need is at least a Dollar (of course, more can be accepted). Great way to get some extra Honeymoon money! Various songs played.
Bouquet Toss?
Garter Toss?
What do you love to dance to? Tell us, and we'll play the best ones during open dancing.
If you have questions, or have special instructions, please let us know. We're here to help.
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