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            About Suzhou No. 3 Middle School

            Founded in 1906, Suzhou No.3 High School is a school with a history of more than 100 years. It was merged by two missionary schools ---- Yan Cheng School, a boy school and Hui Lin School, a girl school. In 1960, it was entitled “Jiangsu Provincial Key School” and in 2004, it got the title of “Jiangsu Four-star School”. (The top rank is five-star, and so far there is no five-star school in Jiangsu Province yet.)

            Suzhou No.3 High School enjoys a long and remarkable history in education. All the teachers and students have been inspired by the school spirit ---- Knowledge and Fraternity, and the school philosophy ---- wisdom, truth, dedicated to stimulating students’ sense of achievements and to challenging teachers to reach their full potentials. Through its continuous striving for excellence, the school has become one of the few elite high schools in the province and is also highly recognized nationwide. With its solid foundation, it has nurtured countless students for their intellectual and professional excellence. Some have become leaders in society ---- eight of them are now members of the Chinese Academy of Science and the Chinese Academy of Engineering; one of them is a famous writer and two are well-known educationalists.

            At present, the school has a faculty of 194 people. Among them are 157 teachers, one of whom has received doctor’s degree and twenty-two of whom have master’s degrees, the rest with bachelor’s degrees. The school takes pride in its supportive and devoted teaching staff. For their contributions, many have been honored with titles of “Jiangsu Senior Class Teacher”, “Jiangsu Model Teacher”, “Suzhou Excellent Educator” “Excellent Head Teacher”, etc.

            The school covers an area of 3.7396 square meters and has 1392 students aged from 17 to 19 with 13 classes in each grade, from Senior Grade One to Senior Grade Three. The school, well-equipped with five physics labs, four chemistry labs, three biology lags and one modern computer center, provides good facilities. In addition, every classroom is installed with multi-media function equipment. The school library, which is accessible to every student, houses 79394 paper books, 510 e-books and more than 200 kinds of magazines and newspapers.

            The school has a good reputation for its academic achievements and is renowned for its foreign language teaching and popular science teaching. In 2007, the school was declared as the Excellent Experimental Foreign Language School attached to the Central Education Science Section. In April, 2009, the school was entitled “Suzhou Multi-language Teaching Experimental School” and will be appointed as “Multi-language Teaching Experimental School of Jiangsu Province”. So far, we have set up English, Japanese, German courses as well as foundation year course of New South Wales of Australia, which are all well-received by students and parents. We have been making efforts to establish cooperation in curriculum, teacher training, student exchange with schools home and abroad, such as, Wellesley High School in Boston, U.S.A., Bartholdi School in Alsace, France, and Ojima High School in Japan.

            The school’s popular science teaching makes a feature of its seismographic observation center founded in 1976 after the disastrous Tangshan earthquake and its robot-making society whose members were awarded the “Gold Medal” in the 6th International Exhibition of Inventions (IEIS) 2008, a high recognition for the winning inventions. Characterized by its popular science teaching, the school was designated as a sub-venue of the 28th General Assembly of International Council for Scientific Unions in 2005.

            Distinguished by its physical education, the school has accomplished remarkable achievements in sports. Since 2003, the school has been the key training base for the girls’ city basketball team, which has participated in several high-profile national and international basketball events and achieved significant success. The school plays such an active role in arousing students’ awareness of the importance of physical exercises, in training their sports skills that it has nurtured many excellent athletes, including Zhang Xiaoyi, a talented long jumper. In April, 2006, Zhang set a new Chinese junior record by a 8.17 meters jump. In 2009, he won the first prize in the long jump in the 11th National Sports Meeting. Radio direction finding is an after-class enrichment ---- another feature of the school sports teaching. One of the members Li Chenhui was awarded the second prize in the National Radio Direction Finding Championship.

            Suzhou No.3 High School, renowned for its rich traditions are striving to provide more chances to get students developed in an all-round way. A school of 100 years old will have a promising future!

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